Tomorrow's holiday is a time to be thankful, but it's also a time to reflect on those who are less fortunate.  The annual report from Hunger Free America released today found between 2013-2015, nearly 750,000 children across the state lived in food insecure homes.  429,000 of them lived in the five boroughs.  

Meanwhile, the NYPD promises a heavy presence at tomorrow's Thanksgiving Day parade with 3,000 officers and bomb-sniffing dogs stationed along the route.  Commissioner James O'Neill is outlining details of the effort today after recent propaganda from the Islamic State terror group suggested the parade would be a good target.  How will you be celebrating? 

AAA estimates nearly 49 million people are expected to travel 50 miles or more for the holiday this week.  That's the most since 2007.  In addition, an estimated 1.6 million travelers are expected to pass through LaGuardia, JFK, and Newark Liberty Airports.  Will your family be talking politics?  What's your reaction to the report that found 429,000 children in New York City struggled against hunger in recent years?  Is the rising cost of food affecting you?  Will you be attending tomorrow's parade or are you deterred by the threat of terrorism?  What will the conversation be like around your Thanksgiving dinner table this year?  


Kimberly’s Thoughts

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us tonight. Wishing everyone a safe, happy and healthy Thanksgiving. We will talk with you on Monday!


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To a certain point, rising food costs has affected me. For too long, paying MORE for LESS has been a NYC tradition.  If our elected civil-SELF-servants were serious about making NYC affordable, they would try to actively find a way to lower taxes, lower fees, and lower costs. I would hope for a govt inquiry about why NYC is too expensive to live in, but can we really trust the mayor and the governor to honestly do this?

Sal  #2

Flushing, NY


I just have to mention about the hunger and the price of food is just awful for so many-It's really so sad. I hope law enforcement in New York is not pushing it to far with this parade.  How long can our luck hold out? 

I'm a pessimist high strung person and so I worry about everything.  But that's also being an Italian.

Maxxiee, mp


I want to wish everyone at NY1 and the viewers a happy safe and blessed Thanksgiving... We're all blessed, God woke us up this morning, we can't forget the 5 innocent children that died in the horrific school bus crash in Chattanooga Tennessee... Their families will have an empty space at the dinner table at tomorrow's dinner, we should all pray for the families... Now that I have my walking ability back again, I do want to help the families that are struggling to make ends meet this Holiday season.. I'm always lucky with the Mega and Powerball if I win big I will donate to the places that help the people that are less fortunate... God has blessed me with my walking ability, now it's my turn to help... The weather is going to be beautiful tomorrow, I am going to the parade... God bless America... Thank you Jesus... Amen.


Upper West Side


I wish that I could be less cynical this time of year, especially with the full scope of the subject tonight. I am trying to deal with the fact that I have NRA Republican Nazis in my family. I won't be doing Thanksgiving this year.

Rob, east village


1/2 a million children in the 5 boroughs alone ....and today a small fortune was gladly spent for 1 neighbourhood to complete a land purchase to complete a waterfront park development ..and 1,000 other nonsensical programs just as silly will be funded .. Mark, Upper East Side


You bet the rising cost of living in this city and the rise in food prices is affecting us who are not wealthy.  I lay the blame at the doors of DeBlasio and Bloomberg whose BFFs are the developers and REBNY.




Thanksgiving is a time of peace my family is composed of republicans and democrats do we are having a discussion free talk we will talk about wine Europe and dogs that's it. 

Chelsea C from Midwood

Because politics is a very touchy subject, discussing politics isn't a good idea because in some cases, it leads to violence with fatal consequences. That said, IT ISN'T Donald Trump's position to call on protesters or those entertaining the thought of protesting, to STOP. That is squarely President Obama's and Hillary Clinton's position to call on them TO STOP!! Those protesting AREN'T Donald Trump supporters, THEY'RE Hillary Clinton supporters who are so upset that she lost as if life and the world is going to end and they can't seem to move on. She lost and it's time to move on, NOT continue behaving as rebellious and spoiled brat little children, physically grown, but mentally immature little children! ENOUGH-IS-ENOUGH! GROW-UP!
Cecelia, East Williamsburg

this thanksgiving could not have come sooner

We all need it the dinner table will be like rehab from this election

Stewie from Jamaica


politics are something that should be in our normal lives but we need to stop fighting mainly with this planned protest at the parade is unnaceptable. I think tomorrow should be a break both trump and Clinton are celebrating thanksgiving so should we.

Let's be thankful for our great country.



this is momo I wont engage in this behavior at the table id like a fun family gathering where we are all at peace it's my favorite holiday of the year

momo spaniel from East Flatbush


I think we should be discussing politics and also what we are thankful for I frankly am thankful that this election went in my favor and of course my family friends and I'm thankful for my Family and of course turkey



Listen we're all mature or even high school students so we can discuss this civilly over a nice turkey dinner with some brew sky's

Olivia in Thomaston