Toyana Jackson says giving back is right up her alley.

"I knew I always wanted to work with developmentally disabled people," said Toyana Jackson, our Staten Islander of the Week.

So, Jackson decided to volunteer with United Cerebral Palsy of New York City, or UCP of NYC.

The nonprofit supports children and adults with developmental and physical disabilities.

More than a year ago, Jackson helped the organization start a pilot bowling program.

She's proud to say it's still going strong.

"I didn't know it was gonna go this far," said Jackson. "I said wow I just started it out and I said I wonder if I can do this but it went further than I thought."

The bowling outings are now a weekly tradition.

Each Wednesday, people in UCP of NYC Day Habilitation Program can bowl just like everyone else.

Using adaptive equipment, those in wheelchairs are also able to join the fun.

Jackson is there until the last pin falls.

"It's been rewarding and wonderful. I am so happy to come here every week," she said.

Win or lose, many of the bowlers say the trip to the alley is the highlight of their week.

"I had a great time with the bowling. I did a high score of 121," said Catherine McCarty, a participant in the bowling program.

UCP of NYC serves about 300 children and adults through its Staten Island programs.

Leaders say volunteers like Jackson are a crucial part of the operation.

"She has been a great asset to our team. She comes in, very dedicated, early in the morning. 8:30a.m.," said John Jaramillo, program director for UCP of NYC Staten Island. "She comes in, she gets her work ready and she's ready to go."

As for the bowlers, they say they appreciate the support.

"It's great. Somebody who volunteers and works hard to help you out," said Nora Nelson, a program participant.

And so, for dedicating her spare time to those with special needs, Toyana Jackson is our Staten Islander of the Week.