When David Nudelman started his own clothing line 7 years ago, he had three words on his mind - "Don't Stop Dreaming."   That mantra is still with him today. 


"We're talking about actually being an active dreamer. So, doing what you imagine and taking action on your goals - that's the dream we're talking about," Nudelman said. 


Now Nudelman spreads that message through his business Stereotype Co. But he also partners with local organizations to empower others, including the borough's youth. 


"I just try to think of what we can do to make everything better and I feel that if they're inspired at a younger age, I can't imagine what they'll be doing when they're my age."


Nudelman hosts events throughout the year like this music festival to raise money for local nonprofits. Most recently - he raised $3,000 for Staten Island Arts' Lark fund. 


The program helps schools throughout the borough expand their music programs. 


"Those small grants are being used to either purchase supplemental musical instruments or repair broken instruments or even purchase something as simple as reeds," said Monica Valenzuela, Deputy Director of SI Arts. 


Nudelman's efforts go far beyond Staten Island.   He's given 18,000 inspirational bookmarks to children across the country.  Here at home, his message is resonating among young artists like Xavier Charles. 

The aspiring poet and rapper says he was ready to give up on his dreams, until he met Nudelman. 


"He empowered me to push forward and keep writing because if he can do it then I can too," said Artist Xavier Charles. 


Nudelman expands his dream-making campaign even further through the Internet. He has a spot on his website where visitors can write-in a goal they want to accomplish.   From there, Nudelman does what he can to help  turn that vision into a reality. 


"I call them back and then we speak about it and then I kind of give them the tip to start," he said. 


And so, for proving to others that *anything is possible, Dave Nudelman is our Staten Islander of the Week.