Cynthia Nixon says she loves New York. Maybe that's best seen in her voting record.

She first registered with the city's Board of Elections in 1991. She has been an active voter since then.

But a review of her voting records raises some questions. 

Nixon changed her registration to vote in Suffolk County for just one year, between 2016 and 2017. For now, it's unclear why. 

Nixon changed her voter registration to Long Island in August of 2016. Documents show she said she now lived in Montauk, even as she contined to get her mail at her apartment in Manhattan.

A month later, she went to vote in the state's primary that year, but records show she still showed up at the polls in Manhattan, where she had said she was no longer living.

Nixon had requested absentee ballots for both the general election and the primary from the Suffolk County Board of Elections. She asked they get sent to her Manhattan address. 

She voted by absentee ballot in the November general election that year by changing her address to Suffolk County, 

Perhaps a big factor in all of this is that Nixon would have been eligible to vote in the congressional race in the far east end of Long Island in 2016, where incumbent Republican Lee Zeldin was expected to face a tough fight. At one point, Democrats thought they could take the seat.  

If she had remained a Mahattan resident, the Congressional race in that district that year was far less competitive. 

But according to records, the "Sex and the City" star did not stay a Montauk resident for long. Her official Montauk residency was short-lived. In 2017, according to records from the city's Board of Elections, she switched her registration back to being a city resident. 

Her campaign told NY1 she was moving back and forth between the city and Long Island in 2016. It's still not clear exactly why she bothered to change her residency.