NY1 has learned that former New York congressman Michael Grimm will run for his old seat, less than 16 months after he was released from federal prison.

Sources said Grimm will hold a rally Oct. 1 in New Dorp, where he is expected to announce his candidacy for next year's Republican primary against current Rep. Dan Donovan, who represents Staten Island and parts of south Brooklyn.

A federal tax fraud conviction appeared to end Michael Grimm's political career nearly three years ago, after he admitted to paying several workers off-the books at a Manhattan restaurant that he owned.

But after he resigned his seat and served seven months in prison, Grimm began taking steps back toward the political arena. He created a new Twitter account, posting opinions and politician-style photos.

Then, he appeared on NY1 on August 31 and criticized Donovan.

"I don't think he's doing well at all as a Republican; I think he's doing a great job as a liberal Democrat — whether it's going against the president on the health care vote, whether it's going against the president on the sanctuary city vote, whether it's all his anti-Second Amendment bills," Grimm said. "These are all Democrat positions and he's been down the line on those positions, and that's a problem."

All of the borough's Republican elected officials have already signed a pledge to support Donovan.

When NY1 contacted him, Grimm declined comment.