St. John’s University announced Friday that its Staten Island campus will close in spring of 2024 due to decreased enrollment.

“The decision to take this step followed prayerful reflection and an extensive examination of historic and continuing population trends,” the statement read. “Unfortunately, and as some of you are aware, the Staten Island campus has experienced steady decreases in enrollment for decades that were the result of many factors and exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Since the university will close its doors in 2024, juniors, seniors and graduate students will still be able to complete their degrees on Staten Island “without issue.” The university said degree completion plans will be drawn up for current freshmen and sophomores, which could include financial assistance for them to finish their studies on the Queens campus. The university will not enroll a freshman class in fall of 2023.

“We will not admit a first-year class at the Staten Island campus in Fall 2023—next year—and the University will implement a comprehensive academic plan, commonly referred to as a “teach-out,” so that all current students are equally enabled to complete their programs of study,” the statement read, adding that the university’s teach-out plan is “subject to the approval” by Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

According to the website, the Staten Island campus will continue to deliver all scheduled academic offerings, student services and regular business operations.

In fall of 2000, there were 2,309 undergraduate and graduate students enrolled at the Staten Island campus. In fall 2021, there were only 861 enrolled undergraduate and graduate students, according to the website. 

The total enrollment at the Staten Island campus for fall 2022 is 63% lower than it was in 2000. 

The fall 2022 semester is still scheduled to start on Wednesday, Aug. 31.

St. John’s University is also establishing a scholarship fund to support future Staten Island residents who enroll at the Queens campus — which they will have more information about next month.

“We are just at the beginning of this process and, as I shared with our Staten Island colleagues, I am resolute in my belief that the steps we are taking now, although difficult, will help strengthen the University for generations to come,” the statement read. “Our unwavering goal is to ensure that St. John’s brings its mission forward within a very changed and competitive higher education environment.”