STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — A moving truck filled with dozens of bags of food, blankets cleaning supplies and furniture was recently delivered right to the sidewalk outside LaNaisha Miles's apartment. But the thing that brings the biggest smile to her face is laundry detergent.​

What You Need To Know

  • Hearts of Gold helped 260 families, just like LaNaisha Miles', in the last year

  • The charity has seen a dramatic increase in those needing help in the last year due to the pandemic

  • Miles recieved help after Hearts of Gold Founder Debroah Koenigsberger saw her story on NY1

"I don't have to think maybe I can do laundry next week when my cash comes. Like, I could just sit and do laundry for a whole week straight," said Miles.

This act of generosity is all thanks to Hearts of Gold, a non-profit helping struggling mothers and their children.

Miles has certainly been struggling during the pandemic. When we first introduced you to the mother of three, who also cares for her two siblings, she shared the stress of her responsibilities.

"You know I feel like I am so used to having it all together. And my kids are used to seeing that," said Miles when we spoke to her a month ago. "They don't see mommy worried. Or mommy concerned. Mommy not smiling. I am a big kid. I am 31 years old and sometimes I don't want to get out of the bed. Sometimes I don't want to be around my kids. Sometimes I don't want to cook."​

That candor caught the attention of Hearts of Gold Founder Deborah Koenigsberger.

"I was trying to record something and all of sudden I see this women and I sense there was a story. So I stopped to watch it and it was LaNaisha's story," Koenigsberger said.

She was so moved by Miles' spirit she decided to step in.

"Her story was another one struggling to make it but determined. And if you are determined to make I am determined to help you," said Koenigsberger.

For Miles, that was furniture, food and toiletries for others is job training and counseling. For children, it is tutoring and school supplies. All with the goal of helping mothers and their children, many of whom are homeless, have a stable future.

"Do not lose hope ever," said Koenigsberger. "It keeps you alive. Hope keeps your dreams alive. It keeps dream alive for your children. If you wake up everyday with hope in your heart it will take you really far."

Miles is well on her way. She is currently enrolled in nursing school to build a stronger future for her and her family but she is thankful for the unexpected support she is receiving.

Through tears she said, "Guys this is a lot. Guys, I appreciate you guys."