New Yorkers rallied on Staten Island and across the state Thursday to protest budget cuts that could hurt developmentally disabled New Yorkers.

Local advocates paraded in cars outside the former Willowbrook State School on the 33rd anniversary of its closing to demand the governor reallocate funding to services that help the disabled.

A proposed 20-percent budget cut sparked panic for those with loved ones who rely on those services. Some advocates fear a repeat of Willowbrook on a system wide scale if services are de-funded. 

"And so we really need to have the governor really look at us, he's good at crisis but this is a crisis he's continued to ignore for a decade," said Advocate Laura Kennedy.

A spokesperson for the NYS Office for People with Developmental Disabilities said it does not anticipate any changes to services as a result of its actions but urges families to call on the Federal Government to provide the state with the resources it needs to serve those in need.