NEW YORK - The city's police commissioner says a decision on whether to fire the officer involved in the banned chokehold death of Eric Garner could be made within the next few of weeks.

Speaking on the radio Thursday morning, James O'Neill says he is awaiting a recommendation from the deputy commissioner of trials, who presided over Officer Daniel Pantaleo's departmental trial in May.

Pantaleo is accused of using the banned chokehold restraint on Eric Garner back in July of 2014.  

His defense attorney said it was Garner's poor health that led to his death.

"I'm waiting on the deputy commissioner of trials to make her decision and then it goes back to CCRB and officer Pantaleo's attorney for a period, I think that period is about 11 or 12 days and then it comes back to me with their comments, and then I make my final decision.  I'm anticipating that that should come shortly within the next week or two, and then we'll move forward," O'Neill said.

Back in 2014, a grand jury decided not to indict Pantaleo on criminal charges. THe justice department also decided not to charge officers in Garner's death last month. 

This time, the police commissioner will decide on a range of consequences, anything from stripping Pantaleo of vacation time to taking away his badge.