A Staten Island mother is making sure student athletes are heart healthy after losing her own son on the football field due to an undetected heart condition.

Tanza Kirkland partnered with the Chad Foundation for Athletes and Artists to give free preventative heart screenings for student athletes at her son's old school, Curtis High on Sunday.

Kirkland started the event after her son, Miles Kirkland-Thomas, collapsed and died a year and a half ago while at football practice. It stemmed froman undiagnosed heart condition that made it difficult for his thickened-heart muscles to pump blood.

"I do not want another mother or father to go through the tragedy that my family is going through, you know, it's still today, even today we still feel it," Kirkland said. 

The Chad Foundation has provided nearly 8,000 free echocardiograms in five states and in other countries around the world.