The city is cracking down on speeding cars on Staten Island.

The Department of Transportation is testing out a different kind of speed bump. 

Unlike traditional ones that stretch one end of the roadway to the other, these are cut into sections. The DOT says this will minimize the impact on buses and emergency vehicles.

Four sets of these speed bumps were installed last month, but drivers are still unsure how to navigate them.

"That's the first time I've ever seen a bump that's kind of made like that," said Micah School, a Staten Island resident. "Usually, a speed bump is just one big bump. But now, they got these two bumps. Your car, you don't know how to take it with your car, so slow down 'cause you're not sure what it's gonna mess up. So it's funny." 

The DOT has already taken steps to prevent drivers from driving around the bumps, installing barriers in the middle of the street to prevent any crossover.