Staten Islanders are learning how to safely shoot a bow and arrow with the help of the city's parks department.  

Families joined Urban Park Rangers for an archery class in Willowbrook Park Sunday.

Participants learned about staying behind the desiginated shooting line,  as well as the proper stance to take when aiming at targets. 

The free program is held during the warmer months of the year.  

An Urban Park Ranger says safety is a top priority for beginners to learn. 

"Archery is an ancient skill. It's a lot about discipline and focus. It's a lot about patience. So it's kind of like fishing, but it's a little bit more exciting because you're shooting at a target. So it builds character, it builds discipline in a person and they get to learn a new skill." 

You do have to register for a lottery to take part in the classes.

To check out upcoming events head to and search for the urban park ranger programs.