While Staten Islanders celebrated the 54th annual Saint Patrick's Day Parade, some community members were out spreading awareness about safe alcohol consumption. 


Members of the Tackling Youth Substance Abuse team known as TYSA, handed out buttons along the parade route in West Brighton, calling on  residents to drink responsibly.


The coalition is an initiative of the Staten Island Partnership for Community Wellness to combat high rates of youth substance abuse in the borough.  The buttons read "Our Kids are watching. Mind Your P's and Q's... Pints and Quarts."


Adrienna Abbate, Coalition Director for Tackling Youth Substance Abuse says "you can celebrate your Irish heritage, and celebrate Saint Paddy's day and certainly drink alcohol if you're an adult but just to really be mindful about how you do this because a lot of children are here at the parade and watching."


The coalition is also looking to hand out buttons at the Staten Island Ferry Terminal on Saint Patrick's Day.