There has been a change in plans when it comes to a much anticipated tradition by many.

P.S. 65 in Stapleton was slated to host it's annual Father/Best Guy Daughter Dance yesterday. Instead, the PTA of the Staten Island school postponed the event. It its place it will sponsor a Dolphin Dance next month. 

A spokesperson for the Department of Education tells NY1 that in order to maintain a "welcoming and supportive environment, the dance will be inclusive of the entire school community."  That community however is split about the decision.  Some parents do not welcome the change in tradition, while others applaud the move.

One parent at the school says "it's a good idea not gender specifiying events, because with today's times, the changes, you have to go with change.  Unfortunately, a lot of us are not used to that, but i think this is heading in the right direction."

DOE policy prohibits discrimination, including on the basis of sex and gender.  Department guidelines specify that parent-child events held at schools must be gender-neutral and "open to all students and their parental relation."

Staten Island assmeblywoman Nicole Malliotakis has written a letter to the school's chancellor asking that she reconsider the guidelines that led to the cancellation of the father-daughter dance.