A Staten Island woman is using her experience as a mom of twins with autism to create a comedy series.

Guzin Kurun began scripting her day-to-day life and she's turned it into a web series called "Surprisingly Complicated."

Kurun's identical twins were diagnosed with autism at 15 months old.

Using two actors with autism to portray her sons, Kurun produced and filmed the show in her Tottenville home.

Kurun hopes the series will show others what it's really like to raise children with autism. 

"A lot of the programs on television show the child or the adult being slightly like a savant or a genius.... A lot of us parents see that our kids aren't geniuses. That our children are on the lower spectum," said Kurun.

The pilot of "Surprisingly Complicated" is available on YouTube, Vimeo and Amazon. Kurun says she'll film the second episode of the series at the end of this month.