Mourners held a vigil Wednesday night for Erica Garner at the memorial site for Eric Garner, Erica's father.

"She would have loved this because this is really what she really wanted," one mourner said. "She wanted normal, everyday people to just come out and stand up for what was right."

Erica Garner died Saturday, after she was on life support following a heart attack a week earlier. Her mother said it was triggered by an asthma attack.

Erica Garner's friends and colleagues said Wednesday that they want to continue her legacy.

"She said that she wanted to start a non-profit to help foster kids and foster parents, and she said she wanted to start a non-profit to address some of these two-faced Democrats that we have," said Reggie Harris, the political director of the Garner Way Foundation.

Garner's father Eric died in 2014, after an NYPD officer placed him in a chokehold.

He could be heard saying, "I can't breathe," repeatedly.

The incident was caught on video and was used by the Black Lives Matter movement to call attention to police brutality.

After her father's death, Erica Garner became a vocal civil rights advocate.