CHARLOTTE -- A group of women is left without a home following a New Year's Eve fire in Charlotte.

Before the fire, the house was a safe place for battered women.

Fire ripped through the house just as 2017 ended early Sunday morning. Four women were inside at the time.

No one was hurt, but one person was arrested for starting the fire.

Some of the women who were impacted by this fire were already homeless before they were able to stay at the home. The home belongs to Carol Graham-Jamison, also called Mama Carol.

She not only lived here, she housed battered women.

Over the years dozens of women stayed at the home.

"Ms. Jamison is very patient with these young ladies and she gives them a lot, she gives them food and makes sure they have everything," said an Urban Minstry Center official.

Graham-Jamison is living with the women at a hotel until each one has a place to call home for the new year again. She is trying to find homes for the women and rebuild the house.

A GoFundMe page is currently raising money to help Graham-Jamison and the women.

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