The teen charged with murder for killing a 15-year-old classmate at a Bronx High School is now out on bail.

Abel Cedeno, 18, was able to post bail after a judge on Wednesday reduced it to $250,000, down from $500,000.

Cedeno will have a tracking device on his cell phone, a daily curfew and weekly check-ins with his probation officer.

Back in September, investigators say Cedeno stabbed 15-year-old Matthew McCree and 16-year-old Ariane Laboy at P.S. 67 in East Tremont.

McCree was killed and Laboy was critically injured.

Family and friends of Cedeno say he endured years of bullying and intimidation by classmates at the school.

Investigators say the victims were throwing pencils and paper at Cedeno before he stabbed them with a switchblade.

At a press conference Wednesday, McCree's mother was visibly angry that Cedeno was released.

"I'm pissed. He gets to go home with his family for Christmas, and my son is in the freaking cemetery, freaking in the dirt, and he gets to go home to his family?" Louna Dennis said. "Yes, I'm pissed the hell off!"

"When Cedeno was interviewed by the police after this killing, he told them he was never bullied by either of these boys before," said Sanford Rubenstein, the attorney for McCree's family. "So this talk by the defense council about him being bullied by them is totally another attempt to dirty up the victim."

Statement of Abel Cedeno upon his release on bail

The following statement was provided to NY1 outside the courtroom where Abel Cedeno posted bail.

This nightmare which occurred on 09-27-17 has torn apart three families. I have a brief statement and then will not discuss this matter any further.

I am grateful to the people who donated to my bond fund which allowed my release. I promise you that your faith in me will never be betrayed. You are in the words of Shakesphere (sic) 'less than kin but more than kind.'

Specifically, I thank the many gay men who generously donated. Thank you to the Rev Roben Diaz, and the members of his Rock of Salvation Church. Because of your generosity 'I walked through the fire, but was not burned.' (Isiah (sic) 43:2)

I'm grateful for the support of my family, Gay City News, Andy Humm, Spohie (sic) Rose Candle of Hettrick Martin, and Lala Zanelli of the Anti Violence Project for their non stop efforts, for me and against gay bullying. You make me proud, to be gay.

Thank you also to the corrections staff at Rikers who are 100 percent professionals but found the time to be kind, and to the social worker at East River Academy, Shannon Hilliker who has ignited the spark of my new found quest for learning.

Finally thank you, to my two gay attorneys, for your hard work, trust and faith.

- Abel Cedeno