An intersection in Dongan Hills turns into a movie set for the day and a big movie at that. NY1's Lindsay Tuchman gives us a peak behind the scenes.

It’s one of Staten Island’s best known pizza spots, but Lee’s Tavern was closed Wednesday and renamed  “Nemo's."

"Most people understand when we tell them it's for a movie, they kinda get excited about it,” said owner Diego Palemine.

A movie, but not just any movie. What's being shot is famed director Martin Scorsese's upcoming crime film "The Irishman."

The intersection of Hancock Street and Garretson Avenue was used as a special effects set because of its ability to be transformed.

"We've been used for some TV shows but never for a movie,” said Palemine.

Those who live and work nearby are looking forward to being a part of the major motion picture which stars some pretty big names, who unfortunately, aren't stopping by.

"It's exciting,” said neighbor Phyllis Terzic. “I just wish I could really see the actors, Robert de Niro, Joe Pesci and a few others that I know are going to be in this movie, however it's very exciting for me."

The finale of this shoot in Dongan Hills is a controlled explosion of a car.

That's why there’s no parking in the area, but not everyone’s complaining.

"It's exciting, it is, to see Dongan Hills rise up and actually have events like this happen it's good for us,” said Scott Higgins, who works nearby. “It's good for a lot of the people that have been here for a long time, and it's exciting, we're ready to see it unfold."

You won't have to wait too long to see it; the Netflix film is set to start streaming next year.

Things will be back to normal on the block Thursday.