Like wine, seniors learned that they too can get better with age.

Doctor Roger Landry, author of the book, "Live Long, Die Short" gave a lecture at The Brielle assisted living community on Thursday.

The lecture outlined tips on how to age successfully.

His key tips included: stay active, avoid stress and never act your age.

Those involved with the event say it is never too late to make a life style change.

"They get highly motivated, that hey, I can do something about it, I am not just a victim, I don't have to expect that I am only going to decline. I can actually grow and continue to grow as long as I have a pulse." Dr. Roger Landry said.  

"Growing and aging is a continuous thing and just because you are getting older in age, or you may be getting a little more stiffer doesn't mean that life stops for you." Allison Nidetz the general manager of The Brielle At Seaview, said.  

And the most important advice Dr. Landry's gives for successfully aging, he tells NY1 to just keep moving.