Within the next few weeks, expect to see some major changes in St. George as the New York Wheel starts to take shape.

CEO Rich Marin updated community board members on the project's progress Tuesday night.

"We're going vertical. And there's been a lot of horizontal work done, the garage and the terminal building but the exciting stuff is what everybody is getting ready to see which the wheel itself is," said Marin.

Marin says massive cranes will arrive at the site in preparation for April 1st

That's when the wheels' four legs, which will soar 300 feet into the air, are expected to go up. The project has already brought construction, landscaping, security and cleaning service jobs to the area.

"By our most recent estimates we've already had $27-million of contracts awarded to Staten Island businesses so we've been contributing to the local economy in that way," said Marin.

Some community board members voiced concerns about the project. Mainly issues regarding Parking and transportation.

“Yes this can bring real economic boost to Staten Island and yet there's apprehension because we don't really know because of some of the issues that we have encountered over the past and have been brought up as far as the parking which we see is working. Transportation is another issue that we have to see how that works out," said Loretta Cauldwell with Community Board 1.

The wheel is expected to open in the summer of 2018.