Two Staten Island friends have been singing together since they met in the Tottenville High School choir three years ago.

Recently, 17-year-old Cheyenne Poidomani and 18-year-old Chris Viola began recording together and posting videos of their performances online. Now they're getting a lot of attention.

"It's happening really quickly, like Chris just posted a video and all of a sudden it just went viral," said singer Cheyenne Poidomani.

One of those first videos to get noticed was their cover of the song "Over and Over Again." And Like the song, it's been viewed over and over again, with more than 20,000 views on YouTube alone. 

And the clicks on other social media platforms keep going up as well. 

"Now we're at 85,000 likes with over 1.7 million views on Twitter, and then Facebook it has 7 million views," said singer Chris Viola.

Now the pair is starting to get get gigs. 

They've been asked to join a social media music tour as special guests. 

They're also starting to see real music sales, as fans can now purchase their songs. 

"Random people come up to me they're like, 'Oh I saw your video bought it on iTunes,' I'm like thank you so much!," said Cheyenne Poidomani.

"People have come up to me asking 'Are you Chris Viola? They're like yeah, can I take a picture with you?'" said Viola.

The pair says the local support from fans, family and friends has been amazing, but they couldn't do it without putting in hours with their vocal coaches and music producers. 

"Both of them are extremely dedicated to their craft, the rule works for everyone, the harder you push, the more passionate you are, the more successful you'll be," Laura Monaco, ET Studio Productions.

Cheyenne also credits her talents to her musical Mom who she recorded a duet with that garnered neartly 400,000 views on YouTube.

"A lot of people say have a back-up plan, I'm like I don't want one this is what I want to do!" said Poidomani. "I'm so excited to see what the future holds," said Viola.

Now the duo is preparing their first original song for some upcoming local shows, including a performance at Midland Beach for the Breast Cancer Walk October 16.