It’s hard to bear. This couple lost everything when their home caught fire Thursday.

Melinda Weigand's home was destroyed but she says she’s grateful her fiancé and six children weren’t hurt. She also appreciates those who are helping her family pick up the pieces.

 “If we didn’t have them we wouldn’t have anybody,” said Wiegand.

Wiegand’s family is one of 12 affected by the fire. Sunday they were invited to a barbeque put on by the Council of Jewish Organizations of Staten Island, the National Action Network, and catering service, ‘Say Grace.’

“We came together with the community starting a relief effort to try to provide some services for them,” said Shaw-nae Dixon, Owner, ‘Say Grace’.

That relief effort also includes clothing and financial donations.

Firefighters say two homes on Benziger Avenue were destroyed; five were damaged when they caught fire. Investigators say the fire was started by two children who were playing with matches.

"I lost all my clothes, all my property. This is all I have that I came out with, said Shawn King, fire victim.

Volunteers with the New Brighton organization ‘Support the Struggling’ also wanted to help. They handed out toiletries Sunday to the victims of the fire.

"I want to make sure they get their just due. I wanna make sure that somebody is here for them,” said Shanasia McLane, Founder, ‘Surprise the Struggling’.

The victims say all the help is greatly appreciated.

"It’s been a lot easier because it’s been really difficult. They've been giving us clothes, a lot of stuff that we don’t have that we lost,” added King.

Wiegand says it’s moments like this that make her feel like she is not alone.

"We're doing a lot better today. We are grateful that all these people have come to help us with all these donations. We appreciate it,” added Wiegand.