It was a Pokemon Go Tournament on Victory Boulevard, Saturday.

"Im really excited to go Pokemon Hunting for Pokemon Go and Im really excited to catch all of them that Im gonna get," said Pokémon-Go player.


To play, participants use their phone's camera and GPS to catch characters virtually in real life locations.

"It opens up to new customers and you know its not just kids, its everybody. Everybody is playing," said Anthony Campitiello, Owner, Alfonso's Pastry Shop.

Anthony Campitello owns Alfonso's Pastry shop and says he wants to get in on the action. He also says these special Poke-ball cookies are for sale just to 'lure' Pokémon players into the shop.

Nearly a dozen businesses took part in game organized by the Victory Boulevard Merchants Association.

Charles Dibartolo says the plan is to get people inside of the businesses and hopefully get them shopping.

"We're trying to cultivate shopping in the area and we think this is a great way for people to just have a good time, come out and enjoy the boulevard,' said Charles Dibartolo, Member, Victory Boulevard Member's Association.

Players pay ten dollars to enroll which enters them to win prizes and even get discounts at various stores on Victory Boulevard.  

We spoke with a few Pokémon Go Players who say they're ready to go out and catch some characters.

"I'm here to get Pokemon," said Pokemon Go player.

Participants say they loved walking up and down Victory Boulevard. Some say it was a great way to not only catch Pokemon Go characters but also see what the neighborhood has to offer.

"We just recently moved to the neighborhood so I found a nice little Cucina mia walking and also the bakery, looks really nice. I'm going in to cool off and see what else is in there to go shop," said Castleton Corners resident.

Organizers hope the event proves to be a big economic boost for businesses on the Boulevard. They hope that after the tournament, players find a reason to return to Victory Boulevard.