Alvin Vidals makes the Mexican machete dance look easy. The 6-year-old says he's been performing on Staten Island for three years. 

"To make people happy," said Vidals. 

 He is a part of a Mexican dance group based in the borough. The group participated in a music and art festival held at Faber Park Sunday. Dancer Vanessa Mendoza says she hopes to spread awareness about her culture. 

 "There are people not accepting each other based on race and cultures. Its important to be accepting to each other because we are all humans at the end of the day," said Mendoza.

The event was organized by two Staten Island residents. Nati Conrazon is the founder of Isla, a group that promotes local and global art on Staten Island. Lina Montoya is an artist who has displayed her work at public spaces in the borough. 

"This is just a great moment to express and to show different cultures people from different places but at the same time the local people," said Montoya.

This event also included musicians from around the world including DJ Jigüe from Cuba. He says this is his first visit to Staten Island. 

 "I am absorbing everything here. I am taking it all here. I am going to take a bit of Staten Island back to Cuba with me," he said.

 The organizers of this event have also started a community group for the park. To find them search "do me a faber" on Facebook. 

 "Enjoy our beautiful parks. I have heard people that haven't been to this park in years. To bring people back is very important," said Conrazon.

Conrazon and Montoya say their goal is to have more similar events in the park in the near future.