The former Arthur Kill Correctional Facility sits vacant, as Broadway Stages continues to finalize a deal with the state to purchase the property.

"It is taking a long time. I hope it comes to fruition," said local resident Joe Butindaro.

The production company agreed to purchase the site from the state back in 2014 to build several sound stages where films and movies would be shot.

Officials from Empire State Development now say Broadway Stages will likely close on the property in the next few months. In a statement officials said quote

"Redeveloping the former Arthur Kill Correctional Facility, with 43 buildings on 69 acres, is a very large project, and projects of this magnitude take considerable time and effort. But when it’s completed, Broadway Stages will bring 1500 jobs to Staten Island."

Jobs Butindaro says could help his family.

"My wife works part time. No medical. 20 hours a week she works. Maybe a place like this would offer better jobs," said Butindaro.

Borough President James Oddo says he is confident that this project will happen. He says his office meets with reps from Broadway Stages every month.

"We are trying to navigate both city and state process. For folks who have never gone through it is difficult," said Oddo.

Officials say the State Attorney General and Comptroller must approve the land transfer before it goes through. Oddo says there are several components causing the delay.

"The land use process in and of itself is difficult. You add on the whole closing from the purchase from this property from the state is another layer. You add on city taxes is another layer," he said.

But until there's a call for lights-camera-action, many residents like Butindaro say they'll take a wait and see approach.

"I guess when they finally come in here and start to work on it. Then I will believe it," he said.