Sarina Sebiniano says working out her legs wasn't always at the top of her list.

"I now do legs three times a week opposed to one time a week. They are actually getting leaner. I am seeing muscles that I have never had," said the New Springville Resident.

Sebiniano is a member of the the Squat Academy. The gym located just off Arthur Kill Road opened it's doors just a few weeks ago.

Gil Tal is one of the owners and tells us the gym membership is solely open to women and the gym itself is dedicated to women's health and fitness.

"We primarily try to focus on the areas that interest women and not all women feel comfortable working out around men. We wanted to offer them the opportunity to gather and socialize and train around other women," said Tal.

For Sebiniano it's the timed, high intensity workouts that she loves that incorporate weight training, cardio and calisthenics.

"I love that they just target women. It's a better atmosphere to get the results that you want," she said.

The Squat Academy is located near expected development projects like the film and tv studio Broadway Stages and Riverside Galleria, a retail complex and movie theater.

Just down Arthur Kill Road, Tal and his partners also plan to open a 5,000 square foot crossfit gym for both men and women. They say that's expected to happen this summer. Although membership at the Squat Academy is growing, these gym owners say t's not just about making money

"This is not something we are trying to do for financial gain. This is something that we actually enjoy. It's a business of passion," said Tal.

Tal and his business partners are Crossfit Trainers. That's how they met. They also live on the South Shore and now also work on the South Shore.