Staten Islanders called for a pedestrian and bike path to be installed on the Verrazano Bridge at a rally Saturday.

They joined Transportation Alternatives and the Harbor Ring Committee in the Bay Ridge section of Brooklyn.

Cyclists say they are forced to drive and pay tolls because they can't walk or bike across the bridge.

Not everyone was rallying for the path, as some say there are other issues the MTA needs to address first.

"It's important because you think about Staten Island, it's the one borough you can't walk to," said Greg Mihailovich of Transportation Alternatives.

"If that bike lane gets built before we get some paroty with tolls, it's ridiculous," said Frankie Marra, a Dyker Heights resident.

This week, the MTA released studies on how feasiible a path is.

Engineers say there are many challenges, including wind levels and the weight of the paths.