The Port Authority is rolling out a new set of measures designed to improve operations at Kennedy Airport in the wake of recent problems. 

They include an emergency operations center before, during and after winter storms, better communication for passengers and inspections of the airport's facilities.

It's all meant to prevent chaos like what unfolded two weeks ago after a snowstorm crippled service for days.

Flights were canceled and delayed, and baggage claim areas were backed up.

The freezing temperatures also caused a pipe to burst, flooding one of the terminals.

Ray LaHood, a former U.S. transportation secretary, is leading an internal investigation within the Port Authority.

"We'll figure out what the problem is, and more importantly, we're going to recommend solutions so that when there is a major snowstorm or some type of calamity again, this won't happen, that there will be systems in place, there will be coordination in place," LaHood said.

LaHood's investigation is expected to take three to four months. 

The Port Authority is also under federal investigation.