TEXAS - The 2018 Texas elections officially kick off this weekend because the filing period for candidates running for political office begins Saturday. 

With four of Texas' Republican Congressmen stepping down the state's 2018 campaign season will be closely-watched.

"It will set off a huge domino effect, though, across the board and make for a lively election cycle," said Republican Strategist Ray Sullivan.

With those recent retirement announcements, candidates are quickly scrambling to figure out if they want to sign up for a chance at the job. Starting Saturday, potential candidates have until Dec. 11 to decide.

But one of the biggest questions many Texans are asking is whether a viable, well-known Democratic candidate will challenge Governor Greg Abbott. 

A Democratic challenger will have a tough time running against Abbott, who has a $41 million campaign war chest and is polling well in the state.

"We're going to field a candidate that's going to be a diverse, outstanding, bold candidate," said Texas Democratic Party spokesperson Tariq Thowfeek.

Other races are also stirring interest.

While Democratic Congressman Beto O'Rourke has stirred some excitement in his challenge to Sen. Ted Cruz, Republicans remain unfazed.

"The Democrats every year say this is going to be their year; they've got just the right candidate and it never pans out," Sullivan said.   

Democrats might find better luck down-ballot in this deep red state, where there could be some tight races in the Texas House.

"I think the Republicans will be fortunate to keep what they've got. I think they may lose a couple of Republican seats just because of the national political dynamic," Sullivan said.

That national political dynamic is what Democrats are banking on - an anti-Trump sentiment that could help turn the tide in Texas.

"Everyone is coming in together on this movement," Thowfeek said. "And it's not, you know, a divided party. It's a very united and enthusiastic party."