It's illegal to block a bike lane but cyclists say in one part of Queens drivers are flat out ignoring the law. Our Susan Jhun has the details.

It's anything but a smooth ride for cyclists in Long Island City along Vernon Boulevard between 34th and 41st Avenues, where the bike lane is often blocked by vehicles.

"I've almost gotten hit by cars coming into the bike lane twice," said cyclist Matthew Rohbeb.

"I get nicked once in a while if I have to pull out around a car and there's another car coming right at me there's not that much space when that happens," said cyclist Kevin Sternschein.

"It's pretty dangerous," said cyclist Pempa Tashi.

A dangerous situation that's also illegal. Under city law, drivers are not allowed to drive, park or stop in bike lanes or paths. However cyclists say that doesn't stop drivers along this stretch.

"I have to like take the middle of the road in order to get away from the trucks," said cyclist Joseph Bofill.

It's a common problem in the city according to Transportation Alternatives.

"It is a very common complaint, unfortunately," said Transportation Alternatives Deputy Director Caroline Samponaro. "I think what’s often forgotten when drivers block a bike lane, is a bike lane is like a sidewalk. It is a safety improvement for cyclists. And it really does reduce injuries and crashes. So when a driver is blocking the bike lane, it’s literally like someone jumping up with their car on a sidewalk.

"I would like to see them enforce the rules for us," said Sternschein. "I mean if we can't ride in certain areas then cars shouldn't be able to park in the lanes either. It should be fair."

We contacted the NYPD about enforcement and we were told the commanding officer of the 114 precinct is aware of the condition and is working to address the issue.

We will continue to follow this story.