You could call it an out of this world experience for some  lucky students in Queens.

Students from Martin Van Buren High School gathered in their auditorium earlier yesterda for an earth-to-space video call with NASA.  The call was an  opportunity for some Q&A with astronaut  Jessica Meir, while she is on a mission in space.  

Students asked questions ranging from what it's like to be part of the first all female space walk, to why she chose to become an astronaut. 

All the kids walked away feeling inspired.    

One student, Syed Ismail, says "I never thought I would be able to do this in my life. When I went into high school I thought you know, the casual high school thing. I never thought in twelfth grade I'd be talking to an astronaut in space. 250 miles above earth. Just, I never thought this would happen."  

Program officials say only two percent of schools across the country who apply to be part of this earth-to-space video call get the opportunity to actually take part in it.