Carlotta Bulzomi was shopping at a local grocery store when she heard the music of Ceasar Bates.

Once the two got to talking and Bulzomi invited Bates to play at her Christmas Eve celebration. 

In the weeks leading up to the holiday, Bulzomi learned of Bates’ struggles. 

Dealing with health issues and a recent eviction from his apartment left Bates living in a room without access to a kitchen or a private bathroom.

Bulzomi turned to the "Friends of Rockaway Beach" Facebook page, asking for donations of things he needed.

"When I posted it everyone knew him and they were happy to give. Rockaway is a very giving community... And the donations keep coming in" said Bulzomi.

Bulzomi has collected appliances, like a mini fridge and a crock pot for Bates, so he can make and keep his own food.

She says her next project is getting him a new keyboard and other equipment so that he can continue to play his music.