Queens leaders push to get Long Island City to become the city's next life sciences hub .

The Long Island City Partnership, along with city and state leaders are touting new research that shows LIC has everything life sciences industry professionals need. Life sciences include companies in the fields of biotechnology , pharmaceuticals and biomedical technologies.

Community leaders say among other things, Long Island City is close to the East Side of Manhattan's medical corridor, it's near Cornell Tech on Roosevelt Island and public transportation. The report also says the neighborhood has the right amount of space for people in the industry to put down roots.

"It fits right in with what the life sciences industry of 2018 and beyond wants. It may not be what the life science industry of 1995 wanted but we've both evolved together and now is the time, " said Long Island Cty Partnership President Elizabeth Lusskin.

The City's Economic Development Corporation is now trying to determine possible interest in building a life sciencescluster in LIC.