NEW YORK - A longtime political activist from Queens made national headlines when she and another woman confronted Arizona Senator Jeff Flake over U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. 

Ana Maria Archila traveled to Washington and caught the Republican Senator in an elevator on Capitol Hill last week.

Flake initially said he would vote to confirm Kavanaugh, but shortly after that encounter with Archila, he said his vote would be conditional upon an FBI investigation.

"I wanted him to know that that was real. That I saw in Dr. Ford's testimony my own experience," said Archila. "And I wanted to ask him do you think Brett  Kavanaugh is telling the truth? Do you think he is accepting any responsibility for his actions."

"What Dr. Ford said really emboldened a lot of women to come forward. And that experience was - I'm not sure that any of my colleagues had quite like that, but all of us with that experience is like this in the last week," Flake said.

Protesters nationwide are still rallying against Kavanaugh. 

Demonstrators in the city on Monday held signs demanding justice for sex assault victims, trust in women who accuse men of misconduct, and an end to rape culture.