NEW YORK - Mayor Bill de Blasio's proposed BQX Connector project is undergoing some changes.

The streetcar was originally set to run between Sunset Park, Brooklyn and Astoria, Queens, but according to the city’s conceptual design report the Brooklyn terminus will now be in Red Hook.

According to the report, the city decided against extending the route to Sunset Park "due to a combination of low projected ridership and high estimated cost of construction."

Some Sunset Park residents say they would rather the city keep its original plan.

"I wonder why they're doing that. I mean they should have kept it at Sunset Park because there are people who live here who would I think I believe would want to do that," said one resident.

Plans to have the streetcar run over the Pulaski Bridge have changed as well.

The city is now considering building a new bridge that would connect Greenpoint and Long Island City.

The city first unveiled its first prototype of the streetcars last year. 

The timeline for the roughly 11 mile long project has also changed with construction set to start in 2024.