Some Queens residents are trying to drum up support for a proposal that they believe might have protected a local teen who was killed by an elderly driver last month.

In just a matter of days, a petition that some Whitestone residents created has garnered more than 10,000 online signatures.

Those behind the proposal want drivers 80 years and older to have mandatory retesting every two years, conducted by the State Department of Motor Vehicles, to determine if they can drive safely.

Current law only requires applicants to get a vision test every eight years to renew their licenses.

The petition was launched shortly after 17-year-old Maddie Sershen was struck by an 88-year-old driver who allegedly ran red light while Sershen was in the crosswalk.

"We have to be testing an individual's ability, their reaction time, their cognitive ability," said Rita Barravecchio, Maddie Sershen's Aunt. "Maddie is my reason to see this change, but Maddie's not the only reason."

A spokeswoman for the Department of Motor Vehicles said, "The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles does not treat license holders differently based solely upon their age. If someone is concerned about any driver's performance on the road, we urge them to contact the DMV right away to request a driver review."