A mural in Queens makes note of how one neighborhood in the borough got started.

The mural, called "Steinway Cypher," was unveiled at the Steinway Playground in mide-June.

The approximately 1,100 square feet piece shows an abstract history of how people started moving to Astoria in 1870.

It recognizes William Steinway, who built the Steinway & Sons piano factory in the Astoria area, and how he created a neighborhood for his employees. 

The mural features pianos, and the subway tunnels he advocated for.

"It's so easy to forget the past. So that's why I wanted to make sure it was incorporated amongst all the new buildings that are going up around it," said mural artist, Brittany Baldwin.

"Steinway Cypher" will be on display through June 2019. It's part of the City's Art in the Parks program.