In the midst of a tight primary race, a Queens lawmaker is pushing for the State Senate to support Dreamers, and is and facing criticism for it. 

Democratic State Senator Jose Peralta, who is up for re-election, called for fellow lawmakers to pass the New York State DREAM Act, which will also expand college financial aid for undocumented immigrants who are DACA recipients. 

The Senate previously voted down the bill in 2014, by two votes. Peralta said, on Friday, he hopes the upcoming special election in Westchester and the Bronx will result in two Democratic wins and give the party a majority. 

"If we have 32 Democrats we won't need the Republicans," Peralta said. "That's what we are trying to emphasize here that once we have 32 Democrats as Democrats we should be willing to vote for the DREAM Act."

Peralta's challenger, Jessica Ramos, on Twitter, called his support of the Dream ACT a charade. 

In a series of tweets, she blasted his role in the Independent Democratic Conference, which has ensured GOP control of the State Senate. 

She tweeted:

"For two straight years, José Peralta blocked the DREAM Act by conceding power to the Republicans. Now, with an election looming, Peralta has decided he is again a Democrat who will fight for the DREAM Act."