As a part of a D.O.T. pilot program, aimed at relieving congestion, spots along Roosevelt Avenue will soon be unavailable. Starting March 19th during peak rush hours, street parking will be suspended between Broadway through 90th street. Local community organizations say they are concerned with the impact these regulations may have on small businesses in the area. They believe it will hurt their delivery practices and deter customers from visiting their store fronts.

"As it is there is no area where many of our trucks can do the delivery. More of our businesses will have a burden because their suppliers may not want to come deliver to them," said 82nd Street Business Partnership Director Leslie Ramos

In response a spokesperson from the DOT says in part,

"We are doing outreach to the businesses along this corridor to alert them to the coming changes."

The pilot program, called Clear Curbs is also being tested in Midtown and along Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn.