NEW YORK - A city transit officer recently went above and beyond to bring some holiday cheer to a homeless man that lost his most valuable possession.

One month after his trombone went missing, Tim Perryman has an instrument back in his hands, thanks to NYPD sergeant Brian Shevitz.

Shevitz was on duty when Perryman reported that the instrument he uses to make money vanished while he was sleeping on the train.

The 10 year veteran promised Perryman a replacement not knowing anything about instruments or what they cost.

Luckily, he went to a music store in New Jersey, told them what happened and to his surprise they donated the new trombone.

Shevitz says he was glad to get Perryman the instrument before the holiday.

"He was upset, and you know it's how he makes his money, it's holiday time and I figured I wanted to help him," Shevitz said.

"Whether him or anybody it just making somebody feel good," Perryman said.

Shevitz says he shared tears of joy with Perryman when he gave him the trombone.

He also says helping people is the best part of his job.