In September we reported that at least 15 women were claiming they'd been sexually abused by Prochaski when they were teenagers.  That number has since grown significantly.  

Road to Recovery says they are in contact with 40 people -- 38 women and 2 men -- who claim they were abused by Father Adam Prochaski, formerly of Holy Cross Church.  

The victims say the abuse took place in a list of places including Holy Cross Church, the rectory, the former priest's car, the school basement and their homes, as well as at neighboring parishes.  

Linda Porcaro taught at the school from 1986 to 1991.  She says she reported the allegations at the time but nothing was done.  

"The first principal laughed, said everybody knew about Father Adam and did nothing. The second principal went to the Diocese.  They came in and interviewed the students in general and did nothing," Porcaro remembered.  "So I've been waiting almost 30 years for something to be done about Father Adam."

In response to the latest allegations, the Diocese of Brooklyn sent NY1 a statement saying: "In 2002, the Diocese of Brooklyn implemented sweeping changes to ensure that any allegation of sexual abuse against a minor is immediately and directly reported to law enforcement. This past June the diocese established the Independent Reconciliation and Compensation Program. Every survivor represented  at today's press conference is eligible to participate in the program and apply for financial compensation."

They add that while quote "no amount of money or extent of reform will heal the scars of abuse" they hope to help the survivors in the healing process.   They also point out that Prochaski was confronted in 1994 and left the ministry.