SUTHERLAND SPRINGS, Texas — A community stood together Wednesday evening.

"This should have never happened here. It's just unbelievable."

A tight-knit place where everyone is connected.     

On Wednesday, Vice President Mike Pence tried to soothe some of this pain.

The vice president offered his condolences to a community that suffered from the worst mass shooting in Texas history — an act that left 26 dead and 20 injured.

"We are with you...the American people are with you,” Pence said Wednesday.  

A delegation of state leaders also attended Wednesday's prayer vigil with Gov. Greg Abbott delivering a message of hope to the community before him.

"And that is that love will conquer evil," the governor said.  

So while the words were welcomed by those came Wednesday, the pain of the lives lost still remains fresh for so many, and the road to recovery for this community remains long.