When Margaret Darby walks through the halls of Holliswood Center, residents say a ray of sunshine follows her.

At 83-year-old Darby, volunteers at the nursing home a few days a week.

The Jamaica resident started coming here in 2013 to visit a sick friend and soon after, she began donating her time to the Center.

"I'm here to lift them. But they're lifting me. I get so much pleasure. To make someone smile is a marvelous thing," said Margaret Darby, NY1’s Queens Person of the Week.

Darby colors, dances and plays games with the residents.

There isn't a single one she doesn't say hello to.

But Darby says most of all, she's there to lend an ear.

"Mostly I listen to them, because some people have no one to tell. And they're so happy to talk about their lives, their family, their children. It's amazing how little it is for you and how much it is to them," added Darby.

Those working at the nursing home say Darby's service is invaluable.

"She is a godsend. The residents love her. She talks to everyone. There is not one resident she doesn't visit. She is the best ever. There are no words to describe what it would be like around here without her," said Dina Schinnery, a recreation aid at Holliswood Center.

For Darby, the feeling is mutual.

She said she gets so much more than she gives as she shares smiles and spends time with the residents.

"You think you're doing something for somebody else -- you're doing something for yourself. And the more you do for yourself, and the way you do for yourself is helping others, that makes you grow, that makes you know who you are."

And so for brightening the days of those living at Holliswood Center, Margaret Darby is our Queens Person of the Week.