More than a dozen women say a former Maspeth priest sexually assaulted them decades ago.

Boston attorney Mitchell Garabedian says at least 15 women have called his office claiming Father Adam Prochaski (aka Prochalski) at Holy Cross Church sexually abused them as teenagers. They say it happened between 1969 and 19 94. Because his clients are older than 23, Garabedian says they will not be able to charge the priest with sexual assault of a child, but they might be able to receive a settlement from the Brooklyn Diocese.

"He had free reign, again, in the church, in the school, in the homes, in the rectory, " said Garabedian.

"While we realize that money does not heal scars of abuse, we are hoping that this program is one part of the healing process for these victims, " said Deputy Press Secretary for the Diocese of Brooklym Adriana Rodriguez.

Father Prochaski could not be reached for comment.