Years after Hurricane Sandy caused catastrophic damage to Rockaways, a local business owner is trying to change people's perception of the peninsula.  NY1's Gene Apodaca has more on how she's hoping to capture the eye of Hollywood.

As a former actress and casting director, Claudia Bloom has a lot of experience on a movie set.   

So, when she moved from the Upper East Side to the Rockaways a few years back, she was inspired.

"I just saw the diversity and the richness of this place and the color, the grittiness, the realness and I thought these are awesome spaces," said Bloom.

Bloom is the owner and founder of Rock Locations. 

Her company represents clients and spaces she believes would make perfect backdrops for either a photo shoot or movie production.

One of her clients is Rockaway Brewing Company, its location offers vibrant décor and an overall funky vibe.

"Rockaway is a very seasonal place, so if we can attract photo shoots or film, TV shows to the area in the offseason, it's great for the economy in general," said owner Marcus Burnett.

Since she began, Bloom has amassed nearly 40 clients, including businesses and homeowners who are interested in having their properties put on film.

Bloom's catalogue includes private homes, several small businesses, even a few vintage props.   

One of the locations she represents has already been featured in a high end fashion show.

She's also scored bookings for major and independent movie studios.

"Sort of feel like I've gone from casting glamorous actors to beat up pickup trucks I said that's sort of a cool journey," said Bloom.

Part of Bloom's goal is to rebrand what many still think is an area ravaged by Hurricane Sandy.

Instead, she wants to make the Rockaways an in demand backdrop.

"I am having producers call me and telling me, 'I didn't know the Rockaways looked like that.'  There's been a negative about the Rockaways, there's issues, there's real political issues here, no but, there's beauty," said Bloom.  

Beauty that she's confident Hollywood will appreciate.