In a small room inside NurtureU Wellness Sunday, Amanda Costa chats it up and she glances at some new books.

“I feel like this would be a great place to come and relax,” said Costa.

Relax is the goal behind “Avoid the Day”, a new pop-up bookstore making the rounds in the Rockaways.  

The model, for what owner Jianna Heuer hopes, one day, to turn into a bookstore, wine bar, café and community space.

“What’s better than avoiding the day in Rockaway, go to the beach, read a book, get a glass of wine, avoid the day,“ said Heuer.

While the idea for the bookstore had been in the works for many years, the name, Heuer says, was a complete fluke.  The result of a text message mishap with her husband a couple years back.

“I wrote “have a nice day” and it autocorrected to “Avoid. The Day” and he wrote back yes I’d like to, can we?”

“It wasn’t even for the business, I mean “Avoid the day” sounded like a great saying. We were kind of looking to use it, and then one day we said let’s use it for the company name,” said Jason Heuer.

Heuer’s dream is to open a brick and mortar store by the year 2019, it’s something people  in this community say is desperately needed.

“There are no bookstores.  We have libraries…but there’s a difference.  It doesn’t give the same vibe  that relaxed feeling,” said photographer Cheryl Scanlan.

Heuer plan is to host three more pop-up  events over the next two months to see how it’s received in the community.  The organization, Ladies of Business Rockaway Beach is already lending it’s support.

“I think the more people that come here with this mindset of creating a beautiful community attracts more people of like mind,” said organization founder, Rachel Krieger.

“Since I started the social media I’ve gotten so many interested parties people that want to donate books people that are interested in going to a place like this and local authors wanting to donate their books so I can sell them,” said Heuer.  “It just feels like this community is ready for a place like this. ”

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