A business in Rockaway Beach will be more prepared for severe weather events thanks to solar energy.

Crews with NYC Daylighting are installing what's called Solatube Lighting at Deli 101 on Rockaway Beach Boulevard.

Tubes capture sunlight which is then reflected down into buildings and used as a light source instead of electricity.

It’s all a part of RISE NYC, the New York City Economic Development Corporation’s initiative to find resilient technologies to help Sandy-impacted businesses prepare for future storms.

"When we have another event like a Superstorm Sandy or like a heatwave that just knocks out the power grid that businesses are prepared for those events," said  Lara Croushore, VP of Sustainability, NYCEDC.

"These lights are always going to be there as long as the sun is out there shining," said Isidoro Bonatonna, the owner of Deli 101.

To learn more about RISE NYC programs head to rise-NYC.com.