An historic 19th century building in Brooklyn has a new purpose.

Prospect Park is now home to the city's first public composting comfort station, inside the former Wellhouse building.

The toilets inside use 97 percent less water than normal models, saving 250,000 gallons of water from going into the city's water system.

The solid waste collected at the bathroom travel to an underground chamber, where it is separated and made into compost for use on farms.

"One of the biggest things that the public asks us for is more restrooms in the park. And it's a busy part of the park, lots of runners, so we desperately wanted to bring this back to life and rehab this. So it was a great opportunity for us to do that, bring more public restrooms, and do it in a very environmentally sustainable way," said Prospect Park Alliance President Sue Donoghue.

The Wellhouse dates back to 1869, but has been out of use the last hundred years.

It's the last original building in Prospect Park.