If gyms aren't your style, but dancing and circus arts intrigue you, then a new fitness studio in Long Island City may pique your interest.

Cosmic Fit Club is a space to explore the universe that's your body, its founders say.

"You don’t see traditional treadmills or machines. We believe that your body is your best machine,” said co-founder, Joy Chen.

Peek inside Cosmic Fit Club on 44th Road in Long Island City, and you'll see members climbing and balancing on each other. The gym opened last month.

"We have people passing by all the time they look in and they’re like, ‘Oh my goodness, what are you guys doing?’” said Chen.

Chen and her business partner, Phillip Schiefer are both Queens residents. They wanted to create a unique community that combined fitness and artistry the required minimal machines.

"We wanted to eliminate all of that and make it a space where all you need to do is bring your body and all you have to do is practice movement," Schiefer says.

From kettlebell training to acrobatic yoga, classes are built on their experience in personal training and dance. Both have worked in several gyms across the city. Chen also grew up taking Chinese dance classes in Chinatown. Instructors at the gym have backgrounds in dance, acrobatics, yoga, and more.

Class passes and memberships are available. To learn more visit CosmicFitClub.com